on friday …


We have 5 full-time staff in our big building with lots of books and lots of teenagers making lots of noise, but for a variety of unavoidable circumstances our numbers have dwindled to just Scooter Kitty and I.  Nothing has caught fire yet so we're calling ourselves successful through mid-day. 

I got to do my very first book talks ever, today and it went amazingly well.  You can't believe how happy and relieved it made me when kids were actually interested in the books that I book talked.  I purposely had set my success bar very low in order to preserve my ego in the event of a massive flop, but I do have to say that even objectively, it went really well.  I think that kids just like to hear about books.  I guess that I'm pretty much the same way.  I really like when there are lots of previews for comming attractions before the start of a movie. 

Later today, I'm going to get to launch the online component of my tech class.  I've been working on getting this Moodle site set up for weeks so I'm incredibly excited (Yes … I know it's geeky …).

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