on having a heart like a prune …

Would you consider yourself a compassionate person?  Sometimes I worry because I don't easily feel compassion for others.  My head tells me that I should feel compassion for others and I really, truly WANT to feel compassion for others, but to be really honest about it … I don't easily FEEL it.  How do you make yourself FEEL compassion?  It makes me feel like I'm not a very nice person.    

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2 thoughts on “on having a heart like a prune …

  1. I think many people take on the sadness and drama of other's and call that compassion. I think that if you know that someone would/could feel sad in situation "x", then you can consider yourself compassionate.
    Sometimes people detract from a situation someone else is experiencing…making it about themselves and again consider that compassion. I know that I just want people to feel compassion for me by listening to me rant and for them to stay emotionally stable if I feel like falling apart.
    My guess is you are a very nice and compassionate person.

  2. I think I'm a compassionate person in some ways, and not in others. There are nights when I will literally break down in tears because I realize that I have 20 pairs of shoes and some people have none. But then I'll sleep on it, and not give away any of my shoes the next day. I wish I could do more with the sadness I feel about the inequality in the world. I'm trying to be more compassionate by giving and serving.

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