on elephants and cutting your own hair …


It was an eventful day.  I saw and elephant on La Cienega Blvd. and I cut my own hair. 

Elephant was walking down the street because she had been hired to give rides to kids at some community fair.  I'm guessing that the fair was not a PETA fundraiser, but I didn't take the time to investigate so that's just wild speculation on my part.

I spent the afternoon cutting my own hair because I went to get my monthly cut at Fantastic Sam's and after I got home and washed my hair I realized that there were entire swaths of hair that my "stylist" (a term that I'm applying loosely here) had missed so that I looked like I had vertical mohawks running up and down the side of my head.  I should explain that I have very straight Asian hair that is thinning so this is NOT a good look for me.  I would have gone back and asked her to re-cut it, but they were closing up as I was leaving so that wasn't an option.  I suspect that I got most of the rogue mohawk rows of hair, but then I don't have eyes on the side of my head so that, too, is wild speculation on my part.  If you work with me, when you see me after reading this, please lie and tell me that it looks fine so that I won't obsess about my patchy haircut for the next month. 

Sometimes honesty just isn't the best policy and living in denial is best.  This is one of those times …

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