on those cuddly four-legged friends …

Our tenants in our condo in New York called last night to tell us that a rat gnawed it's way through the wall under the kitchen sink, then apparently died behind the wall.  Apparently our deceased friend wasn't smelling too well and they were freaking (understandably so) out so S/O and I immediately gave them permission call an exterminator and have someone come out to take care of of the situation.  Just writing about it is creeping me out.  My mom's house in Hawaii backs up to a rain forest and on occasion when it rained hard, rats would come out of the forest and make themselves comfortable in her snuggly warm and dry house.  Rats are pretty amazing at finding ways into a house or condo.  All it takes is for them to find a tiny little crack and you've got yourself a new set of neighbors.  I say neighbors because in my experience, they like to move in, in pairs.  Anyway, the exterminators came in, put some poison behind the wall under the kitchen sink, took care of dead guy, and patched and painted the gnawed hole.  Hopefully, our tenants' whole Ben nightmare is over, but only time will tell. 

I've shared this before, but I think that the particulars of this incident make revisiting this video appropriate.  Take a look at these majestic creatures living the fabulous life in a KFC/Taco Bell restaurant in Manhattan!  It is best viewed with sound.  Enjoy!!! 

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2 thoughts on “on those cuddly four-legged friends …

  1. Eww. Gross. They do smell awful. When I worked in Coronado in this old police building, we had a rat problem. They can crawl in the smallest spaces. Supposedly those gravel prevents them from digging into places. And did you watch "Ratatoille" ? it's not pairs, it's like a hoard of them in open spaces in your home. So gross!!!

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