on perry mason day 5, death by a thousand paper cuts …

Our trial continues to limp along at a snail's pace.  As jurors we were in the courthouse for six-and-a-half hours today.  I timed the amount of testimony that we heard and it was barely two-and-a-half–We're really crossing into death by a thousand paper cuts territory here!!!  At the opening of court today, the judge estimated today that the jury would probably be able to begin our deliberations on Monday, but at this rate I don't see how that can be.  We're crawling!!! 

I AM listening carefully and taking a few notes (we were encouraged not to take too many as, I guess, some jurors get distracted by their own note taking), but here are a few things I observed and/or thought about during various side bar discussions between the judge and attorneys and pauses in witness testimony:

  1. There are 64 light panels in the center ceiling fixture in the court room.
  2. There are 9 other light panels and fluorescent lighting doesn't make Asian skin look very nice.
  3. The rattle in the air conditioning duct got repaired since yesterday.
  4. The springs in my seat in the jury box got oiled since Tuesday, but the rubber trim around the edge of the chair is still broken with nails sticking out of it.
  5. There is an awful lot of graffiti IN the jury box itself.  What the hell kind of juror scratches his/her name into the wood paneling of a jury box?  Why would someone scratch their full name in to the wood paneling?  Aren't they afraid that they'd be tracked down?  I guess not …
  6. The court reporter went shopping during lunch and bought a bag of frosted pine cones.  I'm guessing that she's going to decorate her tree or house with them (But in legal talk, that's just "speculation."  See … I'm learning about law …).
  7. How the heck does that court reporter's machine work?  It makes those (what I guess are) short hand marks on the strip of paper just like on TV, but it's also hooked up to a laptop and appears to be transcribing the testimony as she's entering it.  It is the most interesting thing going …
  8. Lunch in Little Tokyo was good.
  9. I want to go to some cafeteria on 7th Street on Monday that one of the other jurors told me about during a break.
  10. The suit worn by the defense attorney today fit him much better than the suit that he wore yesterday.
  11. The prosecutor was wearing a really cool looking retro headband thingy today.
  12. Everybody, including the judge, looks like they take their marching orders from the court clerk.  I don't think that she takes much crap from anyone (But again … "speculation").

I don't see how we'll be done by Monday.  I'm guessing Tuesday or Wednesday.

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