on perry mason day 3, success!!!

Great news everyone!  I'm a juror! 

High five … High five …

It took the court system no less than three rigor filled days to allow the cream 'o the crop to rise and for said cream to be selected to our jury of twelve especially stellar and lucky citizens!!!  The process was very rigorous and involved asking each juror the same set of questions.  While being asked the juror interview questions, my wry razor sharp wit and my towering intellect were very evident so … I was selected to be on the varsity jury team!!!  WOOHOO for me!!!  I ain't no freakin' loser, ALTERNATE!!!  I'm a starter, baby!!!  I'm IN THE BOX, people!!!  IN THE BOX!!!

High five … High five …

Seriously though, while I'm not exactly thrilled to be doing this, if nobody is willing to do jury duty than the alternatives with which we're left all kind of suck.  Therefore, I will show up tomorrow in my grown up clothes and a smile on my face, and I will do my best to be the best FREAKING juror this country as ever seen!!!

Anything worth doing is worth doing well so LET'S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD AND HEAR SOME TESTIMONY, DAMMIT!!! 

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