on the luck ‘o the draw and being bitter about it …

So today was jury duty day.  Of the millions and millions of people that vote, drive, or have acquired a Government issued ID that live in Los Angeles, I continue to "win" the jury summons lottery.  I know, I know … "Participation in the criminal justice system is an important right and privilege of citizenship" and all that other f*%&#@g crap and blah, blah, blah … The thing that makes me f*%&#@g crazy is that in the six years that I've lived in LA, I've been summoned for jury service three f*%&#@g times!!!  I shit you not!!! 

Now, as you may or may not know, I am a really freaking crazy idealistic leftist liberal, and I also am very rule governed so I believe that if I don't participate to make the system work, than I forfeit the right to complain about it. This is very frustrating because it makes me dutifully go to jury duty every time I get summoned unlike a good number of people that I know (many of whom are nice, good, normally law abiding citizens) that flick their summons to jury duty in the circular file and are never called on it.  Interestingly, fewer than a third of the people in the jury waiting room were White or Asian.  Now, I know that LA is a very diverse community, but don't tell me that a lot of middle class White and Asian citizens aren't trashing their summons for jury duty.  Where the hell is enforcement of these fines "of up to $1500 for failure to appear"???  When you think about it all of these factors shouldn't matter to me if I'm just doing my jury duty because it is the responsible thing to do, except that when I actually go, I get bitter and angry.  I know that this is stupid on my part.  I mean, come on, either dump the summons in the trash or be proud that you're doing the right thing, but I'm too crazy to be that reasonable. 

Anyway, I am telling you this because, you see, the main reason that I cannot bring myself to dump my summons is that a year or two ago, this asshat blowhard science teacher was blowing methane gas our of his piehole one day at the lunch table at work.  His tirade was about how he gets out of jury duty by telling the judge he doesn't believe in the American system of justice, blah, blah, blah … Now, if you've read even two or three posts that I've written you probably already know that I love to complain so far be it from me to bag on someone for complaining, but DO NOT complain about something from which you have opted out of in my presence because I will get up on my high horse, take the muther f*%&#@g high ground and do my best to make you look like an asshole which, IMHO, I think I did quite well in this particular instance with said asshat science teacher.  So anyway, I'm feeling bitter and stupid because I feel as though I am opting into (which really isn't "voluntary" …) the jury system just on the off chance that asshat science guy will bring jury duty up again and I don't want to surrender the moral high ground and that seems like a really stupid thing to me. 

Intellectually, I know that fulfilling one's civic duty is much more significant than preserving the moral high ground for the sake of winning an argument, but right now my emotional being is overwhelming my intellectual being.  So I'm just feeling bitter and stupid.

To make matters worse, I sat in the jury room from 8:00 until 4:15 (with, I do have to disclose, a very nice 2-hour break for lunch) and almost made it through the day without being impaneled.  Naturally, at 4:15 they called 30 more names to be sent down to a court for jury selection.  I was number 30.  Right after they called my name, they dismissed all of the remaining people and credited them with their required service.  I was quite literally the LAST f*%&#@g person called for the day!!!  WTF???

We went down to the court room and they gave us some directions and made us swear to someone that we would tell the truth about our ability to serve on a jury, then told us to come back tomorrow.   WTF???

Doing the right thing shouldn't feel this f*%&#@g crappy … 

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2 thoughts on “on the luck ‘o the draw and being bitter about it …

  1. "I was quite literally the LAST f*%&#@g person called for the day!!! WTF???" I'm amazed at how often you've been called to serve. It doesn't seem fair, really. Three times in six years?! I respect you for your principles and your belief that you must participate or forfeit the right to complain. It's too bad more people don't think that way.

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