on my musical blast from the past …

My officemate, Scooter Kitty, is one of those people who is a music maven.  She isn't someone who talks about it incessantly, but when she starts talking about music or art you can sense this passion that radiates from her and washes over you.  It's cool.

I think that sometimes Scooter Kitty finds it a tad distressing that in the course of my everyday life, I don't listen to music much.  She looks at me with sad eyes … Kind of in the way that I look at people who reveal that they choose not to have digital cable tv.  It is one of those, "Oh, I'm SO sorry …" looks.  You know what I mean …  Whenever I do take the time to think about it though, I actually find it odd that I listen to so little music.  As a young child, teenager, and young adult, music was a HUGE part of my life, but for some reason I stopped being music obsessed somewhere in the 80s.  Hey, I was THERE at the birth of the music video revolution and I remember getting together with my high school friends at specific people's houses because they were the one's that actually had MTV on their cable networks.  We would sit and watch for hours until our videos of choice came around in the video rotation (the concept of waiting for a video to play rather than having it on demand somewhere strikes me as so odd now), and WAY back in the day MTV ACTUALLY WAS a "music TV channel."  All that they broadcast were these really cheesy, but oh so awesome music videos and hours of programming were hosted by MTV "V-Jays" (My dream job circa 1983).

Anyway, during our long Thanksgiving break I decided to go on an 80s music video nostalgia tour–Dedicated to none other than Scooter Kitty.  Here's to you, Kitty!!!

As a side note, in searching Youtube for these videos I discovered, and find it amazing, that some of these bands are still performing today, the same songs that were their hits from the 80s.  I know that performing must be a rush, but performing the same song for, like,  25 years has GOT to really be a pain in the ass on some level, don't you think?

Some of them are live vids of recent live performances which makes me think that I should see if I can find my list of bands that I wanted to see perform live before I got old and died and see if I can cross any of them off of my list.  I'm old now, but at least I'm not dead so it would be half of an accomplishment.

So, anyway here's my random rotation of videos from 80s bands …

I don't mind Gwen Stefani's cover, but Talk Talk …


Always have wanted to see these guys live …

Such a great song.  Too bad, now everyone under age of 30 only knows it only as the music for toilet paper commercials …

Another group on the list of bands I want to see before I die.  Their stuff holds up well over time …


Bringing on the cheese …

I actually saw U2 in concert in a pretty intimate 3000 seat arena in Honolulu BEFORE they hit it big.  Believe it or not they were the opening act for Oingo Boingo.

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2 thoughts on “on my musical blast from the past …

  1. these are amazing! Thank you! Ok! I was up late one night and that Tarzan Boy song video was playing and you just brought that night back! I was wondering who that was for the longest time. And hello! What an incredible playlist! A lot of them are some of my favorites 🙂 YAY!!!

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