on straight men and concepts of design …

The school where I earn a living is in the throes of a humongous building project that is costing a lot of moola. I'm talking an obscene amount of moola here!!!  It has been tremendously exciting to be able  to watch the whole process unfold from the announcement of the project, to meeting with architects and planning, to watching a real life building take shape little by little each and every day. 

A brand spanking new big building with lots of books and (hopefully) lots of teenagers (hopefully not) making lots of noise is part of this entire project.  The new building is far enough along so that people from the school community are being taken on tours of the construction project.  This is ALL unbelievably exciting stuff!!! 

Today, however, we saw the furniture that has been chosen for the new facility for the first time.  A table, a single student work chair, and a single lounge chair that will be in the reading room were brought into our present building so we could try it all out.  I really liked the lounge chair.  The table and student chairs that have been chosen are … errr … not really my cup 'o tea as far as furnishings go.  Okay, let's just get real.  They're building this BEAUTIFUL new building with glass bay windows and they're going to fill this beautiful space with tables and chairs that would look wonderfully at home in the neighborhood Denny's.  WTF??? 

The table is ash with a marbled green Formica veneer inset on top.  "Green Formica was chosen because it will contrast the 'black and red tweedy carpet … mostly black with red speckles …'"  Huh???  WTF???  Black and red tweed???  OMG!!! 

I'm thinking that we either need to hire some gay men to work in the Facilities Department or we're going to have to hope that we can get an intervention bestowed on us by the cast of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. 

Ultimately, the new space will be fine and we'll be able to do really great things with our new layout so the functionality of the space will be a lot better one way or another.  I also know that I am incredibly lucky to be at a place that has the resources to design and build a new space and almost every person who is in the same line of work as I would just about kill to have a new facility with new furniture so I'm trying really, really hard (and pretty much failing) not to be obnoxious about it … but … Black and red tweed???  WTF???

Black with red speckles???  WTF???

I mean … WTF??? 


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