on phoning it in …

So my fancy-shmancy cell phone that I bought this past August is dead … May it rest in piece(es). 

I'm a plodding kind of guy when it comes to decision making.  For my birthday last year, S/O told me to shop around and pick out new sofas for our apartment as I HATED the sofas that were here when I moved in six years ago.  Well, my birthday is in September and we went out and bought the sofas that I picked in February. It wasn't that I was slacking off about it either.  When making a big purchase, the researcher in me kicks in and I'm meticulous about making informed decisions. Honestly, the sofas that we now have aren't the MOST beautiful sofas out there. They aren't CHEAPEST sofas out there, and in fact, they aren't even my DREAM sofas, but they are the embodiment of the best intersection of style and value that I could find so ultimately I have come to LOVE my sofas!!! 

My cell phone, however, I bought on an impulse and it seems that whenever I buy things impulsively I get burned.  Right after graduating from college and getting my first job, I impulsively bought a BMW.  The car was a piece of crap, was in the shop every other month, and the dealership held me upside down and shook me until every last penny fell out of my pockets (and I was teaching in a public school so the change that fell out wasn't much, but it was all that I had).  I got over the, "I'm young, I want to drive a cool car" thing VERY EARLY on in life which is why I now happily drive my 14-year-old plain white pickup truck around LA.  Anyway, I've hated my Motorola Razr since day two of our relationship.  The interface and menus make you click through an asinine number of windows before letting you do what you need to do, and now, my cool black Razr won't turn on.  I've tried different batteries, but it would seem that it needs to go to a phone healer of some kind.  I'll spare you the details, but circumstances dictate that I had to purchase an "unlocked" GSM cell phone.  Fortunately, since I've only had the phone since August, it is still under warranty until March of 2008.  Unfortunately, the warranty is void in the US and is only valid in Hong Kong.  WTF???

Anyway, I stuck my SIM card back into my 4-year-old Nokia and it is working like a charm.  My Nokia phone is ugly, scratched up, and doesn't look like much, but it turns on and I can call people and they can call me.  Overall, those are all very nice qualities to have in a cell phone.  My Razr had a nice camera in it … but it is hard to enjoy the cool features of a cell phone when you have to use it plugged into a wall … Sigh …

Sometimes "upgrading" is exactly the opposite, huh?


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