on being single in the city …

The title is a lot more exciting than the reality.  S/O is off in Washington, D.C. on a business trip so I'm flyin' solo in the city for the week.  I've been so busy and so frenzied since the beginning of the school year, that to be honest, although I will miss S/O very much, I am also looking forward to my time alone.  I don't do anything exciting when I'm on my own. I don't go clubbing and I don't have a ton of friends that I get together with in LA so basically, I just hang out and wander around the city.  Today I headed down to IKEA where I had breakfast.  I know that normal people go to IKEA to buy furniture and home furnishings, but I'm mostly partial to IKEA for their $5.00 meatball and drink special.  I was a little earlier than usual on my foray to IKEA so I had the $1.99 breakfast of eggs, bacon, potatoes, and a drink. 

I'm a pretty big IKEA fan due to its extreme cheapness factor, but it took me a long time to stop being freaked out by the whole one-way-store-where-they-make-you-follow-the-invisible-yellow-brick-road-concept.  I've been there enough times, now, that I know how to shortcut my way through to the places I want to go, but for the longest time the shopping in the place freaked me out.  I generally like following the unseen yellow brick road, but what happens is that you move through the store at roughly the same pace as the other people who started with you and if they're annoying they're around you for the entire time so it is nice to know how to shortcut your way to a different section so you can be annoyed by a new set of people.  The best part about going to someplace like IKEA by myself is that I can look at every single thing in the whole freaking store and it doesn't make anyone else crazy.

I'm the kind of shopper that likes to see everything so, for example, at Costco I like to take my cart and go up and down every single aisle.  S/O, on the other hand, is very much a list shopper.  If S/O is putting things down on a shopping list all at once, S/O will even put them down in the order that you find them on the shelves at Costco.  This is very efficient, but not very much fun.  When one shops like that, you'll never know that Costco carries things like  Fiestaware in four different colors or penguins made out of tinsel and Christmas lights (I wish I could have taken a picture of them … Believe me when I say that you cannot tell what they are … They look nothing like penguins …  They're just this really bizzare lump of black and gold tinsel and lights … I only know that they were penguins because of the labeling on the box … But they were ugly enough to give me a good laugh so that made them great in their own special way …).

Anyway, the rest of the day was spent at Target, Costco, Trader Joes, and the 99 Cent Store, so basically it was the bargain shopper's quint-fecta.  I grabbed a piece of pizza and a drink for lunch at Costco so all in all it was one of those Sundays that is just really hard to beat.

And that's single in the city Ambookgeek style …  I hope that isn't sad …  It seems sad when you read it in print, but it didn't feel sad when I was doing it … Sigh …

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One thought on “on being single in the city …

  1. i think it's great for all of us to have "me time". i appreciate my "me time"…for example, yesterday i spent most of the afternoon shopping alone, just like you did. and guess what? it was nice. i got to take my time and be with my thoughts. nothing wrong with that.

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