oh my Word!!!

So my computer has some weird Microsoft Word weirdness happening.  It works perfectly fine if I want to open a document and read it.  This is a good thing!  It works perfectly fine when I want to edit and print a document.  This is a good thing, too!  Yay for me!!! If all I ever wanted to do with Word was read, edit, and print I'd be THE MAN!!! 

Unfortunately, I often want to save these documents that I am reading, editing, and/or creating so that I can read and/or edit them again in the future without having to re-type the whole damned document.  Here's where it gets a bit dicey.  It seems that I have some document that has some weird corruption in it that is making my Word program crash whenever I try to save anything.  This is rather inconvenient and it kind of is detrimental to one's overall productivity at work. 

Our handy dandy Computer Services Department technician, S., is certain that it is not a virus and that it is a corruption in one document that is causing Word's unhappiness.  Fortunately if this is the case fixing my Word woes would be as simple as finding that document and deleting it.  Since the problem only started a few days ago, it is just a matter of searching for the Word files that I have received, sorting them by date, and deleting all of the files from the past few days.  Huzzah!!! 

Unfortunately, in trying to solve the problem, S. performed the very sensible act of re-imaging my computer (cleaning off my hard drive and stripping out all of the strange and random programs that I have downloaded over the past three years) and transferring all of my saved documents to the cleanly imaged computer.  In doing this, every single Word document that I have created since employment day 1 here at the school seven years ago has a "born on" date of November 12, 2007.  Because of the job that I do, I have HUNDREDS of Word files.  AAAIIIIEEEEEE!!!!

It is beginning to look like I might have to just dump 'em all and start with a clean My Documents folder.  That  makes me rather sad …  You cannot imaging HOW sad that makes me!!!  I'm trying to look on the bright side.  Like my checking account that I balance to "the nearest few hundred dollars" and then close and re-open every few years just so that I can start clean and know exactly how much money I'm supposed to have, this might be a chance to sweep the My Documents folder clean and start anew!!! Yay for me again!!!

Okay, who am I kidding … It's gonna suck, but whacha gonna do???  I can't continue to play the Russian Roulette–Deluxe Word Edition and hope that Word will save my document, so starting clean is probably gonna be the only option on the table as of tomorrow. 

Sigh … I love technology … But I hate it too!!!

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