on being whole once again …

The whole hole drama is don e.  The hole in my house is gone and my world famous red wall now has a third coat which, after seeing it now, was badly needed to begin with.  A recap of the whole drama as it unfolded to this point …

A pipe feeding the shower in one of our bathrooms developed a leak and was leaking into the apartment below.  A crew from the property management company came in and got the leak repaired leaving a gaping whole in our living room wall.  We had gotten permission to paint that particular wall red and and we asked the building manager to see that the repair crew painted over the patch with matching red paint that we would happily supply.  Our building manager, L., is a great guy and saw no problem with this so we went out to Home Depot and left a gallon of red paint with him.  After the repair was done, the management company announced that they would only paint the wall white.  On top of that, they could not get a crew to come and do the drywall repair for three weeks!!!  After they got the leak repaired and took care of their problem, they were just gonna screw us over and leave us with a friggin' hole in the wall for three friggin' weeks.  WTF???  Talk about being ASSHATS on top of ASSHATS!!! 

L. was totally frustrated by this whole situation, to the point that he came in and did the drywall repair himself.  He also offered to put up a fresh coat of the red paint, but this is a guy who works like a dog all day, then comes home and takes great care of our building as the building manager all while being a very involved dad to two young daughters.  S/O and I were just very grateful that he did the drywall repair so we insisted that we'd do the painting ourselves.

In the end, it looks a lot better than it did so I'm happy.  The third coat had an eggshell finish so it is a bit glossier and I never realized how noticeable some of the roller marks were in our original paint job from three years ago were.  So … all is good now. 

As for the management company … hmmm … We keep our place neater and cleaner than most people I know, but given their history of screwing us over, I'm doubtful that when we move out of this place that we'll ever see a cent of our security deposit.  I don't plan on moving anytime soon, but when the time finally does come, maybe even 10+ years from now … let's just say … One of my goals will be to have a guy at the head office named Nemesio ask, "WTF???"

I'm good a holding grudges and I have a memory like a friggin' elephant when it comes to people who have wronged me.  Forgiveness is not one of those things that I'm good at.  Revenge … yes, forgiveness … not so much …

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