on complaining too damned much … !

For the past few days weeks months I've been working pretty hard and feeling very sorry for myself because if it.  As is my way at times fairly often, I've been complaining about it to my colleagues at work.  One colleague who has been a very sympathetic ear since I started working in the big building with lots of books and lots of teenagers seven years ago has recently been going out of her way to check in with me regularly.  "Are you having a better day today?"

Well, I found out today that this colleague, K., won't be back to work until at least the middle of next week because she went in for a lumpectomy today.  Damn!!!  I feel like I'm about a millimeter tall because I've been bitchin' and whining to this person who actually HAS something that is worth complaining about!!!

My last post here was about holes.  Holes in my house and ass ones that work in management offices.  As it turns out, I found out today that I've been a pretty big hole myself! 

Please say a prayer or think a good thought for my friend, K.!

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4 thoughts on “on complaining too damned much … !

  1. Prayer said.
    I hear what you're saying about feeling like a jerk because you think you don't have anything compared to K to complain about. I was in a potentially fatal health situation a few months back too (although not cancer). When people found out about what I was going through, they kind of shyed away from me – I mean that they didn't want to be themselves around me (probably because they felt bad). Anyway, I tell you this to say that you probably offered K a distraction. When we're facing something so life altering, we welcome distractions. I liked for people to give me gossip to focus on instead of my own scary situation. Knowing you, you probably made K laugh – and that's a very good thing! Geeze it's late and I hope I'm making sense:)

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