on holes …

Wow, just over a week ago I wrote about how much I love living in my building,  Well, today I came home and my house has a hole in it!!!  I kid you not!!!  A big friggin' hole!!! 

I guess I should explain.  It wasn't completely unexpected since over the weekend the building manager, stopped by to let us know that a leak had developed in the plumbing of one of our bathrooms and it was leaking into the apartment below us.  He let us know that to fix the pipe, the work crew would have to come in and tear out the living room drywall to get to the pipe of the bathroom that is on the opposite side of the wall.  I mean, what am I supposed to say … "No, please let my water continue to leak … Tough crappola for them???" 

Basically, the wall that had to be torn out is my world famous (in my mind at least) red accent wall. After years of sitting on my butt watching other people fix up their homes on HGTV, I finally got up, bought some paint, and painted one wall in the apartment red.  It looked ass kickingly good if I do say so myself!!!  Our building manager, L., is a great guy so we volunteered to go out and buy new red paint and he said that it wouldn't be a problem for the crew to paint our wall with it. We even agreed that we'd pay for the supply of red paint out of pocket. 

So … long story short, I got home today and there was a big ass hole in the wall.  L. came by and told us that the crew couldn't finish the repair until Friday or Monday.  L. is great, but he has to deal with the management company's repair crew and they're useless so I'm guessing it won't get fixed until NEXT Friday at the earliest.  The cherry on the sundae, though, is that the manager in the property management office insists that the crew can only PAINT WITH WHITE.  I mean … WTF???  Asshat!!!  (Or more appropriately … ASS-HOLE!!!).

Poor L. felt so bad that he offered to paint it himself, but it isn't his fault so S/O and I will re-paint the re-painted white wall after the repair is done.  So … this post is about holes … holes in walls … and ass ones that work in property management offices!!!

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