on heartbreaking news …

A few months ago I wrote a post about my S/O taking me to Santee Alley on my birthday.  While we were there we wandered into a rug store and met a very charming older Iranian-American man named Ebrahim who showed us some rugs and who chatted with us for a while.  We didn't buy a rug, but both of us had a good time and we agreed that we should keep his shop in mind and that it would be worth coming back to the store when we were on the market for a new rug.  This morning I happened upon this article in the L.A. Times — "Rug Merchant Fatally Shot at Garment District Shop."  I can't be certain that the Ebrahim in the story is the same Ebrahim that I met, but either way, a guy just doing his own thing in his own shop is gone because some sad loser wanted to rob him and the loser had a gun …

I just keep asking myself, "Why? …"

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2 thoughts on “on heartbreaking news …

  1. That is so sad. There are a lot of good, honest hard-working immigrants in this country (and I'm not talking about the illegal ones who skirt on paying taxes) I'm talking about the Mom and Pops who come here with nothing and manage to start up their own business. They are a credit to society (and a real example of a good work ethic, which even some Americans have managed not to learn) not to mention a boost to the American economy. That is just such a horrible thing to hear.

  2. OMG!!!! That is just so sad and it just angers me that life is cheap to some people. This hit really close to home for you and I'm sure you have a lot of thoughts running through your head. I'm just so sorry:(

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