on students these daze …

Okay … I know that I'm probably kind of late to the party yet again, but I saw this on the Dangerously Irrelevant Blog and it really got me thinking! 

When I decided to become a teacher I was young, naive, and stupid so I truly and earnestly believed that I was going to save the world one seven-year-old at a time.  Well … I'm a lot older and a little bit wiser now and I've been doing it long enough to realize that while I've had a pretty decent run, I haven't yet saved the world.  Mixed into the equation here is that somewhere along the line I got a little bored and I got a little (or a lot) boring. 

What's kind of cool is that recently, videos like this one have started me down the path, once again, of thinking about the fact that what it means to be an "educated person" is changing every day.  I think that how kids learn in school is about to undergo a very amazing change and I think that the change will come faster than people realize.  I might be wrong, but I suspect that teachers today have an opportunity to shape education for a LONG time to come and I think that I'm getting excited about it in spite of myself!!!  Watch this …


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