on the greatest thing since sliced bread or creepy … ?

The Dangerously Irrelevant Blog recently ran a post about a service called Jott.   Now, I'm not the early adopting type (I didn't have a cell phone until two full years into the new millennium) so I haven't taken the service out for a spin myself,  but as I understand it, you register an e-mail address, then you can call an 800 number and dictate stuff to Jott which then sends a transcription of your message to your e-mail address. 

This strikes me first, as incredibly cool! If you suddenly remember that you need to do something when your are out and about, you can call a number and send yourself a reminder.  "Hey dude!  Remember to bring that Costco sized bottle of Beano to work to leave in your desk for salad bar days!"

It also makes me wonder … How in the hell does this work???  How does Jott make money???  Does a computer do magical voice recognition or is there some woman in Utah sitting in her kitchen with a computer, broadband connection, and telephone and headset transcribing people's messages for minimum wage???

Should this creep me out???

Because it kind of does!!!  It is just a bit too Big Brother for my liking!!!

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One thought on “on the greatest thing since sliced bread or creepy … ?

  1. Yes, there are people somewhere typing up the voice messages that get sent to Jott (and, like you, I have no idea what their business model is but I'll happily use the service!)…

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