on when eatin’s the thing …

Alas, it is Monday so the weekend, ephemeral wonderment that it is, has wafted away into the nothingness of history and I am yet again toiling away in the salt mine.  I very sadly feel deprived of a real weekend because we had to work on Saturday.  It was Back-to-School Day where the mommies and daddies of our students get to come and get a little taste of what we (teachers) and our courses are all about (at least what you can present in a 10 minute chunk 'o time …).  Let me just say, that for me personally, this is event is like having paper cuts on my eyeballs!!!  It isn't that our mommies and daddies aren't really nice and supportive since they very much are, but it is just having to talk to a room full of adults is an exceedingly painful exercise for me … I HATE it and I'm guessing that the main impression that these parents take away from seeing my presentation is that I am an excessively sweaty man!!! 

Anyway, to soothe my battered soul, I closed out the abbreviated weekend with a festival of comfort eating!!!  Alas … I was not conscious of the fact that I was going to have this festival of comfort eating so it didn't occur to me to take more pictures until it was too late!

Immediately following the morning of presentation trauma, Scooter Kitty and I ran off to grab lunch at Fat Burger (IMHO the best burgers in LA …).

S/O and I followed up that healthy meal with fried chicken from Dinah's which is home to some famous fried chicken.  Which was OH, so good!!!

And finally, S/O and I drove down to Torrance and had Sunday brunch at King's Hawaiian Bakery and Coffee Shop.   You  know, you have just GOTTA love a coffee shop that has a friggin' GINORMOUS orange pineapple in the dining room!!!


None of it was healthy, but when you have to endure the trauma of a Back-to-School Day, I think that you should blow off the healthy diet restrictions at go to town for a day or two!  Naturally, I doesn't give you your lost Saturday back, but it sure does make you feel a little better about losing it to begin with …

So worth it!!!

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4 thoughts on “on when eatin’s the thing …

  1. YOU should be a writer! I'm always laughing at what's going on in your life (laughing WITH you of course)! lol
    It must be going around because I feel seriously deprived of my weekend too! For different reasons but deprived none the less:(
    If it makes you feel any better, as a parent, I HATE to go to a school function on my Saturday! It jsut doesn't seem right that the school WOULD do these things on Saturdays.

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