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How to Steal a Dog
Barbara O’Connor

How to Steal a Dog–Barbara O'Connor

Beyond the obvious, "Because I want a dog …"  what would make you want to steal a dog?  Stealing a dog, you see, is a BIG part of Georgina Hayes' plan.  Georgina is rather desperate.  She has been desperate ever since her father took off and disappeared and Georgina, her brother Toby, and her mother got evicted from their apartment forcing them to begin living in their car.  Though probably written for a rather young audience, How to Steal a Dog captures the pain and daily stresses of homelessness so respectfully and realistically, that it is quite a captivating read for readers of all ages.  Georgina's situation and the emotions that her situation gives rise to never seem forced or artificial in any way.  In fact, though thankfully my family was never homeless, every situation portrayed in the book could easily have been one that I could have lived had luck or circumstance broken for the worse rather than for the better in a few instances during my childhood. This book very nearly made me cry in a number of places.  It's a story that will give hope to students in similar situations and hopefully one that will inspire compassion in those more fortunate.    

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