i need you so i smile …

So, today I got sent to a local camera store to pick up some random stuff.  The big building with lots of books and lots of teenagers making lots of noise where I have to spend a lot of time every week buys a LOT more camera equipment than you'd guess.  In an effort to make this purchasing easier, I was finally able to set up a corporate account with said local camera store. 

This afternoon I went to pick up some filters that we needed for the lenses of some of our camera.  When I walked in, I explained my situation to the person behind the counter who very kindly sent me over to the proper counter.  I waited my turn at the counter while a very competent salesman helped two guys buy a really friggin' expensive video camera (By the looks of the two guys, I'm suspecting that there'll be a new porn production company getting chartered tonight … ewwww … ).  Since competent salesguy's sale took quite a while I got "helped" by middle aged dude behind the counter.  I explained my situation to middle aged dude and he began "helping" me.  After listening to me explain that I had a corporate account that would be billed to my place of work and that I had ordered these filters, he rang up my filters and asked me for $105.00.  I explained that I had a corporate account and that meant that the items were billed to my place of work.  Now as objective third parties, does a corporate account that will get billed to a company make sense to you???

Anyway, at this point, middle aged dude got a cell phone call so he stepped off to the side to take it.  It was his son calling from Florida and it was very exciting news!  Son in Florida had a chance to buy a 50 inch plasma screen TV!!!  Being the great dad that he is, middle aged guy coached his son through the negotiation process in real time.  He discussed how much he could get it for with his discount … Shipping it from California to Florida would be $400-$500 … The plasma TV is filled with plasma gas that if shipped incorrectly will implode … blah, blah, blah  … and a lot of other stuff that I couldn't have given a rat's ass about!!!

Now I'm all for dads helping sons, but all the while …

I'm F*&^ING standing there with a F@#!*ING plastic smile on my face … We're not talking 5 minutes.  We're talking, like, 20!!!  If you've been reading my posts for any length of time, you've probably figured out that I don't have many issues about speaking my mind when I feel like service is … Ummmm … PATHETIC … but since I HAVE A CORPORATE freaking ACCOUNT and, therefore, I am associated with my place of work, being an a**hole was not really a very good option … SIGH!!!  So … I sucked it up and I offered up my best, "I need you so I smile" smile.

Competent salesman finally finished with the porn guys and asked, "Are you being helped?" 

"Well that guy started helping me, but I think I'm being blown off now …"

"No … You're not being blown off … He's going on vacation for a few weeks so he's been dealing with vendors and stuff …"

Thankfully competent sales guy took care of my transaction and finished up at just about the same time as middle aged idiot dad dude finished with is son.  He came over and apologized to me.  "Hey, sorry about that.  That was a call from Florida … My son is buying a plasma TV … Blah, blah, blah …" 

At that point, I looked over at competent sales guy and we shared a moment … My eyes said, "I'm so sorry you have to work with him …"  and his eyes said, "This guy is a F*#@ING idiot …" 

I guess that every workplace has a F%#@ING idiot … Except mine of course … OMG … If my workplace doesn't have a F*%#ING idiot, does that mean that I am the F&#@ING idiot????



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