on catching my ZZZs …

Since I was a little kid, sleeping has been one of my God given talents.  I was one of those kids in Kindergarten that loved nap time (I think that this is evidence that I was "advanced" for my age.  It took lots of other kids YEARS to figure out that napping was not punishment, but rather something to be cherished …)  My mom always talks about how "easy" a baby and kid I was because when I felt like going to sleep, I would just crawl up into a fetal position off on a sofa someplace and start cutting some ZZZs. 

Somewhere between elementary school and adulthood, however, I turned into a bit of a night owl and I spent a good part of my adulthood watching late night TV (And, no, in spite of what you are now thinking, I was not one of those people who calls into QVC at 3:00am to chat with the host.  You know, "Hi Jeanne!  I had to call to tell you that I just loved the limited edition paper napkins that I bought from you last week so I called tonight to get the matching plastic fork set …"  Obviously, I WATCHED the discussion on the air, but I NEVER actually called … Okay … Actually I did try, but I NEVER got through …).  But I digress …

Since getting together with Significant Other, I've become an earlier and earlier sleeper!  What is up with that?  I always thought that it was that since S/O is an early sleeper and gets into bed I just turn of the TV and go to bed at the same time, but S/O is out of town and you know what?   I'm going to bed even earlier.  At 8:15 tonight I was ready to get on the jammies and call it a night, but when I realized what time it was I decided to get up and do this post so that at the very least can say that I made it past 8:30! 

Is that sad?  My 6 year old niece and 7 year old nephew go to bed at 9:00.  I'm being out vertical-ed by people in Dora the Explorer and Spiderman jammies …

Do you think that it is bad to have an octogenarian bedtime if I'm only a quatrogenarian?

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