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Alice, I Think
Susan Juby

Alice, I Think–Susan Juby

Making it through middle and high school can be tough for lots of kids, but have you ever met one of those kids for whom it seems school is one enormous life obstacle?  Well, Alice is one of those people.  Alice didn't attend Kindergarten in her small hometown in Canada, but her parents took the time to do a lot of things to help her grow academically–like reading her the classic book, The Hobbit.  Unfortunately, when it was time for Alice to officially begin the first grade, neither she nor her parents understood the upheaval that would be caused by one little girl attending her first official day of school dressed as … A Hobbit.  Needless to say, Alice's school career did not get started on the best footing imaginable.  Things were so bad, in fact, that Alice's parents took her out of traditional school all together.  After seven years of "home-based learning" with her parents, Alice decides that it is time for her to return to the world of traditional high school.  Alice, I Think is the story of a teenager attempting to survive her parents, her hometown, and her re-entry into society.  At times, this book can be both laugh out loud funny and stomach achingly wrenching all at the same time!

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