on taking me out to the ball game …

S/O was given some great seats to a a game at Dodger Stadium so we spent a day at the ballpark.  Now to say that I am a baseball fan would be a rather erroneous statement on the whole, but I do enjoy going out to games (Like when people ask me if I'm "a surfer," well … I have surfed before, but I am NOT … "a surfer."  Anyway …).  Here are my miscellaneous musings, observations, questions, suggestions, and highlights from today's game in no particular order:

  • The girl who sang the Star Spangled Banner appeared to be nervous enough to be one of those people who forgets the words once the music starts.  Fortunately (or I guess, unfortunately depending on your perspective …) she made it through … Though I don't think that it hurt that they flashed the words up on the Jumbotron scoreboard like it was MLB karaoke.
  • The Dodgers have a LOT more pre-game ceremonies than I've ever seen at Yankee games (S/O is a huge Yankee fan so in the interest of full disclosure the sampling of my MLB park experience consists only of Yankee Stadium and Dodger Stadium) and today they honored a group of Future Farmers of America.  This part wasn't that interesting except for the fact that one girl was from the Chatsworth Chapter of FFA–I mean, do they even still HAVE farms in Chatsworth or is  she the only member of her chapter???  It would make being your chapter's representative to the Dodger game a lot easier position to attain, huh?
  • The biggest highlight of the day was when some guy ran onto the field with a straight jacket on and broke no less than three security dude tackles before being taken down and handcuffed.  I must say, the action was quite enjoyable and fan energy was higher than at any other time during the game.
  • Why do MLB managers wear team uniforms?  It is not a very good look for old guys.  Nobody is fooled into thinking that they can still play, so I'm suggesting that they do away with this rather sad practice.
  • Human beings (specifically men) over 13 years of age should be banned from wearing the jersey of a specific player.  Come on guys … Worshiping a player to the point of wearing his jersey is just flat out sad.  A free pass can be granted, however, for wearing the jersey of a player of historic significance (Babe Ruth, Joe Di Maggio, Jackie Robinson, Sandy Kolfax …).  If you are 40 and wearing a Jersey that says, "Garciaparra" and your driver's license doesn't list your first name as either Nomar or Mia … You are a LOSER!!!  Sorry … But I want you to know this so that you can choose to stop making a fool of yourself …
  • And by the way Nomar Garciaparra has the best name in sports … Although Coco Crisp, Melky Cabrera, and Jaba Chamberlain are also contenders …
  • The peanut vendor at Dodger Stadium is a complete genius.  He can toss a bag of peanuts behind his back and hit a customer from a across a section and no less than 7 or 8 seats in–With quite a bit of velocity!!!  His ability to hit the strike zone appears to have been significantly better then the Dodger pitching staff exhibited during today's game. 
  • Dodger fans are quite a bit more laid back about things than Yankee fans.  I mistakenly wore a red cap to the game today (I could swear that the Diamondbacks wore white with green … but as I explained … I'm not a fan) and nobody yelled at me or threw mustard at me which is what I suspect would have happened had I committed the same faux pax at Yankee Stadium.
  • Dodger fans are quite a bit less fat then their Yankee counterparts.
  • Dodger fans drink a lot less beer than their Yankee counterparts.
  • The pleasantly plump (but surprisingly not obese) lady sitting in front of me ate a PINT and a HALF of Dreyers Ice Cream–Her own and half of her son's!!!  Impressive!!!
  • The youngest fans who go to a game with their parents all seem to have pretty good odds of getting to go home with a Dodger's cap.  If you go to a game with Grandma and Grandpa, however, your odds of getting a whole lot more souvenir crap go up exponentially.   Advice to the young: When going to the game with Grandma and Grandpa go for a jersey first, then the hat, and finally the foam finger.  Leave the cheap ass blow up Dodger bat for a time when you come back with your mom and dad.
  • Sadly, the D-Backs and Dodgers failed to score a combined 10 runs so we didn't win 5 free wings for each ticket from Hooters.  Curses on your damned defenses!!!

So, that's a wrap.  Good times at the ball park. 

PS–Both Dodger Dogs and Yankee Dogs are HIGHLY overrated commodities.  Don't bother with either!!!

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