on giving old ladies in pasadena a bad name …

So this morning I headed off to Pasadena to pick up my new pair of beautiful kicks (Okay, I just CANNOT pull off the term "kicks" …) shoes.  I know that you will probably think that this is really lame, but here it is … I'm, like, the friggin' slowest driver in Southern California.  I'm a pretty decent driver mind you, I'm not clueless at all … I'm just slow.  In all fairness to moi, I do drive a lot faster when I'm in S/O's Jeep Grand Cherokee, but when it is just me and 1994 Ford Ranger rolling down the highway we're usually very strong candidates for membership in the Ye Old Right Lane Club.  Here's the thing, though, I hate the friggin' 110 Freeway!  The lanes are really narrow and it since it is one of the oldest freeways in SoCal, it is really curvy so if you drive in the right lane there are these on ramps that appear out of nowhere.  If you drive in the right lane you are, like, 12-inches from the center Jersey barrier.  So, you see, I feel compelled to piss everyone off and drive like an old lady from Pasadena, but I have to do it in the middle lane! I know … YIKES!!!  And I know that, that is irritating as hell to other drivers and as a member of the Asian persuasion is it validating the stereotype of the frigging clueless Asian driver, but a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do in order to get his shoes from Pasadena so I guess the rest of you will just have to suck it up and pass me on the right!

That being said, the shoes are very much worth it!

On the way home (You know … slowly down the 110 in the middle lane), I actually spotted an L&L Hawaiian Barbecue place so I stopped for lunch.  In my post earlier today I explained that I've been battling the bulge of late. In that light, I suppose that stopping in for a lunch of breaded and deep fried chicken served with white rice and a huge scoop of mayonnaise-based macaroni salad wasn't necessarily the best choice that I could have made, but what can I say … I was under a lot of stress from the whole driving slow in the middle lane thing …

Both the lunch and the shoes … SO WORTH IT!!!


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4 thoughts on “on giving old ladies in pasadena a bad name …

  1. Kudos on the rewarding yourself with 'bad food' for the scary driving experience…I recently had one myself and rewarded myself with a xanex..although I don't live in SoCal…I live in Alabama but I am DEFINITELY a member of the Ye Old Right Lane Club. Unless there is something preventing me from hugging the right lane (such as scary out of nowhere onramps)…I'm a right-lane hugger to the nth degree…

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