on a whole lot ‘o random things …

  1. No school tomorrow in observance of Rosh Hashanah (I hope that I spelled it right).  We're not a "Jewish school," but we do have a sizable population of Jewish students.  Yay!

  2. Due to construction, I do not have a parking space on campus so I ride a student school bus to an off site parking area.  On our way home our bus was stopped at a red light when another school bus came by, whacked the driver's sideview mirror and just kept on going.  WTF???  Our poor driver had to pull over and contact his bosses.  Apparently regulations dictate that he'll now have to fill out a ton of paperwork and get drug tested and the poor guy was just STOPPED at a stop light!  Bummer!!!  At least nobody was hurt!

  3. I've been hunting all over town and on the web to find a pair of New Balance shoes to replace my pair that are ready to be retired.  I finally found a pair at a store locally and I get to go pick them up tomorrow–Because I don't have to work!!!  Yay!!!

  4. I like my job, but I hate the concept of employment in general.

  5. Blades of Glory is one of the best movies ever made.  I'll need to buy it when it comes out on DVD.  The scene depicting the Iron Lotus being performed in North Korea is film making at its absolute zenith!!!

  6. I've had my Motorola Razr phone for about a month and a half now and I think that I'd only give it a grade of C. I don't care for the Motorola software interface (It make you click through too damned many windows to get what you want) and my battery life in the real world is a whole lot crappier than the specs stated in that Motorola manual.

  7. I'm now using my South of France Shea Butter soap and now my skin is soft as a baby's bottom!  So worth it!!!

That's all for now.  I hope all is well with the rest of you.

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3 thoughts on “on a whole lot ‘o random things …

  1. In L.A. the only places I have been able to find it is Whole Foods and Cost Plus World Market. When I was hanging out in N.Y.C. it was in a lot of different organic/health food places all over the place.

  2. Hello! Blades of Glory is on DVD. Don't buy it! that's your birthday present..which I just told you..but I don't care! HA! Because knowing you..you will go to Target at some point and get it for yourself…

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