all shiny and new!!!

Well … we're back to work full-time in the big building with lots of books and lots of young people making lots of noise.  In actuality, the young people in the building today were quite quiet, studious, and productive. 

The newest kiddies on campus, 7th graders, are adorable in a "muppet babies" kind of way.

I have to admit, that there is something truly refreshing about the first day of school when everybody comes back with their new haircuts, new clothes, and their new black Jansport backpacks (Seriously, folks, get the Jansport backpack in Barbie pink and the chance that someone else will pick up your backpack by mistake will be significantly reduced).  On the first day of school, everybody is like a newly minted penny–all shiny and new.  It usually takes a few weeks for some of them to start to get that weird dirty penny smell and start to get that odd patina of grime that makes you feel compelled to wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap a few times … But, alas, it always seems to happen … I mean, it's not like I WANT it to happen, but like death and taxes it seems to be one of those inevitable things in life …

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