good as new, for now …

My wonderful and trusty 1994 Ford Ranger pick up truck is back from the truck hospital, again …  Truck has been my very faithful girl for MANY years, but sadly, she is starting to have some quality of life issues.  I'm hoping that she'll be able to hang in there for at least another year and I'm pretty sure that she has it in her.  I just don't think that she's up for any longer distance trips out into the countryside (I don't think we'll be getting out to the outlet malls in Camarillo or Palmdale … Sigh …).  Thinking about parting ways with Ford Ranger makes me very sad because she's been so trouble free, reliable, and just generally great to me for so long. 

My previous automotive affair was with a BMW 5-Series.  Unlike Ford Ranger, BMW 5-Series didn't really love me at all.  I think that we were just in a relationship so that she and her evil family could take all of my money.  Every other month (almost literally) she'd have to go into the shop (owned by her relatives whose last name was Dealership) and they'd ask me for hundreds of dollars for the privilege of continuing to date her.  Yes … I was young and stupid and blinded by the sexiness of her curves so every time they asked, I forked over the dough … Five hundred here … Eight hundred there … A thousand … No amount of cash seemed to be able to satisfy 5-Series and her blood sucking relatives, the Dealerships.  I wasn't even asking for much.  I just wanted her to just be faithful and reliable for a decent amount of time–Just be there for me, you know?.  Finally, after three years of abuse, I had enough and dumped 5-Series and her horrible relatives. 

That's when I met 1994 Ford Ranger.  The year was 1995 and she certainly was the plain Jane on the lot.  She was pale … white as a sheet, in fact, and sexy curves she didn't have.  Her hubcaps were plain and she didn't even have a radio, but beneath that plain skin she had a good heart–six cylinders, automatic, and air. Nobody had asked her to dance during her model year so I got her family to let me date her for really cheap!  We started our relationship slowly, but as my love for Ford Ranger grew, I let her know that I cared.  I bought her a radio just before our first aniversary and I tried to make sure that she had the best of care over the years.  Just lately, though, Ford Ranger has had the kind of nagging problems typical in the elderly of her ilk (You know … leaky gaskets … leaky hoses … etc …).  She's also had more major health issues … Her alternator died and needed to be replaced … etc … Today, she needed a new gasket in her transmission so that she could stop dripping her transmission fluid into stormdrains all over the city.  She's back and I think that she's feeling pretty good.  I'm hoping that she'll have a good run for a bit now!

I'm still being faithful (Though I do have to admit that I've got a wandering eye … Further, I have to admit that I've been flirting with a rather cute number named Prius of late … I'm not proud of that fact, but I'm just being honest … ).  Please wish us luck!

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One thought on “good as new, for now …

  1. Wishing you all the best with your Ford Ranger relationship! I take my trucks seriously too…I'm a Chevy girl. 🙂 But I think for your needs a Ford Ranger is alright. I dunno how your girl would stand up to some serious farm payload 😀

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