on disappointment …

Well … I didn't win the $250 million dollar Mega Millions jackpot that was in play tonight.  Sigh … Now, I know that the odds of winning one of these lottery things is ridiculously small … Blah, blah, blah … And I don't play very often, but every now and then when the pot gets ginormous I head to my local 7-11 to pick up 5 quick picks.  The way that I figure it, if you don't have a dream, then you can never have a dream come true … 

The thing is that, my mind is so prone to delusion that on those two or three days each year when I actually get a lottery ticket, I totally start spending the money (that I haven't won yet) in my head.  Now, I know that this is weird, but really, it isn't the kind of thing that is truly problematic except that when I inevitably don't win I get all depressed about the things that I can't do without the $250 million that I was counting on …

It is, after all, very disappointing to not be able to:

  • provide my neices and nephew with educational funds
  • pay off my mortgages
  • create my foundations to promote world peace, education, and universal medical care
  • assist the mentally ill
  • get the guy from What Not to Wear to cut my hair
  • build humongous monuments to Chinese-American people in all fifty states, Guam, and the District of Columbia in honor of the good work that they have done immigrating all over the world tirelessly cooking pork fried rice …
  • buy all the places that I have worked and fire all the people who have wronged or irritated me throughout the years …

And finally …

  • buy a lot of expensive shoes and clothes (I know you don't really need them, but they're just fun to have …). 

So anyway … My ticket lost and the school year starts up again tomorrow so instead of picking up my lottery check I'll be getting up early, putting on my Target polo shirt, and hauling my 14-year old Ford Ranger pickup to school for yet another year …

Sigh …


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