things i have seen …

Ah … lovely LaLa land!!!  Interesting things I have seen in in the last few days:

  • Two different cars at two different times driving straight through an intersection from the "right turn must turn right" lane.  Now, okay, this might not be horrible except that this is a double right turning intersection so both times they almost hit cars turning right from the second lane!!!

  • A semi throw down between two guys in their mid-fifties at the exit (aka: Checkpoint Charlie) of the local Costco store.  Apparently one guy cut in front of the other guy so they had to both puff up their chests and threaten to throw down right there while very thoughtfully blocking all of the rest of us so we had no choice but to watch.  I thoughtfully decided to be part of the solution rather than just stand by doing nothing so I yelled, "Hey guys, get the hell out of our way!!! Why don't you both be grown ups, take it outside, and beat the crap of each other outside in the parking lot so the rest of us can go home and do more important things like watch Days of Our Lives."  The middle aged lady in front of me turned around and laughed, then she started yelling at them too!  It was a nice moment  … You see, a sense of community CAN be built in a city like L.A.!!! 

  • A man in the lockerroom at the gym drying himself off after a shower with paper towels from the wall dispenser (Okay, if you've been reading this blog for a few weeks, it seems that I have an odd obsession with strange behavior in men's lockerrooms in gyms and that is fair … Yes, I do!!! … Why do people do such freaking weirdass things in the lockerroom, anyway??? … And in case you are wondering, no I am not a sicko skank so I DO NOT spend long periods of time hanging out in men's lockerrooms!!!).

  • A man at Whole Foods full on eating fruit in the produce section!!!  I mean, tasting a grape to see if they are good before you buy is one thing, but this guy was eating like it was a buffet line!!!  While I was watching I saw him eat a black Mission fig, a green fig, and a pluot.  WTF???  If I'm gonna pay $5.00 for a tiny basket of Mission figs from Whole Foods, I'd like to know that I got every freaking fig that I was entitled to!!!

On another note, I've been obessively searching for this soap that I used while I was in New York.  It's the Shea Butter  liquid soap by South of France.  I found it all over NYC and would have bought it to bring home, but since I avoid checking luggage I didn't buy any to bring back since TSA wouldn't let me take that much liquid on the plane (Freaking terrorists ruin everything!!!!  ASSHATS!!!).  I figured that it wouldn't be a problem finding it here in L.A., but there is some kind of freaking soap conspiracy going on because I have looked freaking EVERYWHERE and I haven't been able to find it in L.A.   Well, since the Whole Foods in West Hollywood where I was shopping didn't have it, a really nice guy named Wayne offered to call some other stores in the area.  Believe it or not,  an hour before he called someone bought 12 bottles of the stuff from the Whole foods on 3rd AND someone (he thinks the same guy) bought 4 bottles that the Beverly Hills store had.  WTF???  Wayne went so far as to place a special order for me so all was not lost after all!!!  Yay for Wayne!!! 

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2 thoughts on “things i have seen …

  1. bleeeeeh on the grocery store as personal buffet. One store I used to shop at has an olive bar. Even if i liked olives, watching people stick their hands in, eat an olive suck their fingers, repeat, makes the mere thought of olives repulsive to me these days.

  2. LOL! OMG! I have missed you. I love your observations. That's gross about the Whole Foods. Though, yesterday, Miss C and I were at the Little Caesars and this woman totally started lifting dipping sauces and soda. I just kept looking at her going "did she just steal that?" Then in the car, Miss C asked "Did you see that lady steal stuff?" WTF? It's only 59 cents. People feel so entitled.

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