road trip! rhode island style …

S/O and I spent the last four days of our East Coast trip up in Rhode Island.  We drove out to Newport so I could see the International Tennis Hall of Fame.  It was pretty interesting and Newport seemed like a nice place (if, perhaps, a bit touristy in a "Waikiki" kind of way …).  We spent a few hours touring the Hall of Fame, then had a delicious lunch at a place called Beach Pasta. 

Coming from Hawai'i, the whole concept of being near the beach, but not being able to see it is rather strange to me.  The foliage in New England, being deciduous, is so thick that when you are there you usually can't see beyond a hundred yards or so (if you're lucky).  It, absolutely, is beautiful, but I tend to feel closed in and a bit claustrophobic when I'm there.  I always feel really releived when we drive over a tall bridge where I can see into the distance and get my bearings a bit.  I guess it's all about what you're used to … 

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2 thoughts on “road trip! rhode island style …

  1. I am glad you are back! So, Beach Pasta, is not by the beach? But I know what you mean. I need to know that I can see the ocean in 15 or I freak out and feel landlocked. That happens to me when I drive out to Vegas. It's awful.

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