isn’t toenail clipping a private kind of thing … ?

Just wondering here, but am I the only person who feels like toenail and fingernail clipping is a "do it in the privacy of your own home" kind of thing?  This is really weird, but today in the gym locker room, after taking a shower, the man using the locker right next to me sat down in the buff (thankfully he had a towel around his waist …) and started clipping his toenails.  Now, when I really think about this, my feelings of disgust and feeling somewhat "violated" really aren't very rational, but still, I just feel like, "EEEEEWWWW … Do I really have to watch you do this … And are you making sure that you're picking up all of the loose toenails that fly away when you clip?" 

Should I just get over it, or is this just gross???

I am beginning to doubt myself, because later in the day I spotted two separate women on two different subway trains clipping their fingernails. WTF???

On a different note, S/O and I went to the Prospect Park Zoo with S/O's friend's family.  It is a small, but really great little zoo.  You get to see the animals really close up and the exhibits really make you feel like  you're looking at the animals in their natural environs. 

After the zoo, I went on to Manhattan on my own and bought a great pair of jeans from this really cool store called UNIQLO.  Apparently, UNIQLO is the most popular clothing store chain in Japan, but they recently opened their first store in SOHO.  Very cool stuff in a very cool store.  Best of all, their stuff is very reasonably priced!

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2 thoughts on “isn’t toenail clipping a private kind of thing … ?

  1. OMG! I can't even TELL you how much I appreciate you being brave enough to put this out there! I feel violated too when someone does this EVEN if it is in the privacy of our own home. Case in point… MY HUSBAND… he didn't let me see this BEFORE I married him, mind you, but he does this digustingly gross thing where he'll actually pick away at his toe nails and peel the thick gross things off. He does it in public or not, it really doesn't matter. He feels like we've all got a problem if we can't just accept his toe jam picking ways. I've even lowered my standards enough to tell him that I'd be ok with it if he would "clip" his toenails where it didn't look like he chewed his nails right off his toes! lol I guess I just thought all guys must be gross but if YOU don't do this and you say you saw two women clipping their nails, well I guess it's a genderless gross thing! lol What makes people think we want to be part of their grooming habits? I equate the toenail thing to taking a "dump" without the privacy of walls between us or picking a pimple sitting next to a stranger. EWWWWEEEEEE! I guess I'm sick and twisted too but I'm not afraid to admit that I have some serious hang ups with gross stuff. Gross stuff has to happen but PLEASE keep it away from me:) And that's MY two cents! lol

  2. First of all – that title was enough for me to go.."Gross..oh oh…"Second of all – YES! Please do that shit at home!!! I mean, who knows if their toenails aren't really flying over to you. Know what i mean? that little pieces..EWWWWW!Ok, I'm going to go and gag now…

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