on freakish weather and celebrity-like “exhaustion” …

I love New York, but the weather here can sometimes freak me out!  Since getting here eleven days ago, the weather has been HOT and MUGGY (88 degrees and sticky) for a few days, absolutely BEAUTIFUL (75 degrees with low humidity) for a day or two, STORMY (huge flooding rainstorms including a tornado that touched down in Brooklyn), and yesterday it was COLD and RAINY (68 degrees with a constant drizzle) all day.  Being that I'm from Hawai'i where it is in the mid eighties with passing showers just about every day of the year and now live in Los Angeles where the weather changes a bit, but is generally consistent from day to day … This is confusing!!!  Anyway …

We've done so much in the time that we've been in the City that I think that I'm exhausted … do you know how every once in a while you'll see a little newspaper blurb about how some celebutante or another has been admitted to a hospital or medical facility for "exhaustion?"  Well … I think that I may now know what they're talking about.  This trip literally is the longest time that I've ever spent in NYC, but I've been spending my days just like it is one of my regular four or five day trips.  We usually get up and are out of the house by eight or nine o'clock at the latest and we often don't get back until eleven or twelve that night.  I'm freakin' exhausted, but there's still so much that I want to do that I can't seem to stop myself from going out!!!

The other night we had dinner with the nieces in the city at the Spotted Pig–an upscale pub co-owned by a few celebs and celeb chefs including Mario Batali and Courtney Love (though rumor has it that she got the boot when she had her druggie problems …).

The Spotted Pig

  Wow!  Great food!!!  Wow!  Big prices!!!  But worth it!!!  Surely, one of the best burgers I've ever eaten (and that's a LOT of burgers!). 

After dinner we walked over to the Magnolia Bakery (the Sex in the City girls got famous butter cream frosted cupcakes from there) for cupcakes.  Much to my distress, one of my nieces had told me that the bakery got shut down due to some health code violations (hmmmmmmm ….), but fortunately (I guess …) they were re-opened when we were walking by so we popped in for a cupcake fix.

After our early dinner and cupcake fest, S/O and I headed off to see Wicked which I absolutely LOVED!!!  I didn't know anything about the play and I didn't care for the book on which is was based, but the play and the performances were spectacular!!!  What a great time!  If you ever have the chance to see the show, don't miss it!


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