thunderstorms, tornadoes, and subways don’t mix …

We had a rather exciting day in New York today.  Just before dawn a huge thunderstorm passed through the area.  I noticed a lot of lightning and some rain, but there were no corresponding thunderclaps (so then, is that a thunderstorm or just a rainstorm? … Anyway …).  I didn't feel like going to workout today so I headed off to the laundromat while S/O went off to the gym.  While in the laundromat, the radio reported that the storm was so severe and had dumped so much rain on the city that many subway stations were flooded and much of the subway system was shut down!  No trains going into parts of the city and no trains coming out, either.  I finished the laundry and headed back to the condo.  S/O was there and reported that it took over an hour to go three subway stops so S/O decided to give up and turn around.  Apparently, there was even a mini tornado that touched down and did quite a lot of damage to areas of Brooklyn surprisingly close to us.  Unfortunately, one woman was killed and there were a lot of downed trees and damaged roofs. 

On a brighter note, later in the day we went to lunch in a great area of Brooklyn called Sheepshead Bay and afterwards I went into the city by myself for a few hours.  I hit Chinatown and bought a new bag for $15!!!  I also stopped in at one of my favorite stores the Pearl River Mart.

  I like the stuff in there because it is Asian funky and I know that if I buy something from there it'll likely be pretty unique and nobody is likely to have the same thing (this is important to a person like me who likes to shop at Target and the H&M store where EVERYBODY else also shops … sometimes you gotta be different … If you know what I mean …). 

We met S/O's best friend from high school and his wife for dinner.  Great food and we took a stroll on the Brooklyn Promenade with great views of the Manhattan skyline.

With all of today's excitement, I almost forgot that yesterday we went to the Cloisters Museum

way up at the top of Manhattan and last night we got to see Jersey Boy's.  I've wanted to see it for the longest time, but I'm so cheap that I've resisted buying full priced tickets.  S/O surprised me for my birthday with tickets to both Jersey Boys and Wicked (which we'll see tomorrow night).  The play was great!  "Oh What a Night" it Was …

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One thought on “thunderstorms, tornadoes, and subways don’t mix …

  1. ay! I just read another Vox from Cin. She lives in NY too. a normal 15 min ride took an hour! crazy. Well, you just missed our earthquake so maybe a storm is better…

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