new york moments …

We went out to Long Island for dinner with S/O's friends so we got in after midnight last night (that is very late for a person like myself who normally goes to be at 9:30 even during summer vacation …).  I got up at about nine o'clock, had some cereal, then just went to close my eyes for a few more minutes.  I ended up finally waking up at 12:10.  I don't recall EVER sleeping past noon.  Even as a teenager. 

S/O and I went to to the gym, then went for these awesome burgers at the Grand Canyon Cafe in Brooklyn Heights (where the Huxtable family lived on the Cosby show and my dream neighborhood in NYC … but we'll have to win big in the California Lotto if that's going to happen …).  We decided to take it easy so we stayed in Brooklyn for the day.  We stopped off at Target on the way back to our condo, dropped off our things, took a rest, then headed over to Prospect Park. 

Prospect Park is a huge park in Brooklyn that is very similar in feel to Central Park, but is about half the size.  It is about three avenues from our place and it is an AWESOME place to go for an early evening stroll.

Tomorrow we're off to the Bronx to see the Yankee's. 

I like that:

  • When you walk around Brooklyn at 11:30 at night you see salons open … and they're full of customers getting manicures, pedicures, and getting their hair braided!
  • You can walk along any neighborhood in NYC and find these amazing gourmet delis and markets full of AMAZING stuff to eat!!!
  • In our neighborhood in Brooklyn you see a lot of black men out and about with their children … there are a lot of African Americans in my neighborhood in LA, but it seems very rare to see children walking down the street holding hands with their dads.  Dad seem a lot more visible here.
  • There are amazing pastries EVERYWHERE in this city.
  • All of the cardio equipment in New York Sports Club's gyms have individual televisions that you can watch as you workout.
  • There is an AMAZING jerk chicken place next to our subway station where they serve stewed chicken, beans and rice, and steamed vegetables TO DIE FOR!!!
  • You can get just about anywhere you'd ever want to go in the city without a car!

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