Food=Love …

Well, Utot, we're not in Hawai'i anymore …

S/O and I returned home to LaLa land for four days.  My mom packed a home lunch for me (exactly like the ones that I used to get for lunch in summer fun when I was ten years old!) for the plane ride.  I do have to say, that there is nothing quite like the joy of digging into a sack lunch and discovering what wonderful surprise your mommy has put together for your  enjoyment.  I'm not sure if it is this way with every mom, but with my mom food=love.  This time around, mom packed me Spam musubi (a slice of Spam fried up with so shoyu and sugar that is pressed together into a cube-like shape and wrapped in a strip of seaweed), peanut butter and chocolate brownies, and dried apples.

Our flight from Hawai'i was one of the most empty planes that I've ridden in about 10 years so we got to spread out across a row of seats.  NICE!!!

Needless to say it was a pleasant flight.

Once in a while, it sure is wonderful to be able to go back and be ten-years-old once again!

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