an (energy) star is born in brooklyn …

Of the U.S. at least …

S/O and I spent four days in LaLa Land, then continued Eastward on to New York City (we have a condo in Brooklyn).  While in L.A. I got myself a new cell phone.  I got a Razr so that I could take pictures of things around the city to put in my blog without having to carry my camera around all over.  You will notice, however that this entry has no photos (at least ones taken with my cell phone) … Hmmm … You see, I now have a phone with some pictures of things around the city, but no way to move said pictures from my phone to my laptop (e-mailing hasn't worked … and I don't have that stupid Phonetools program that Motorola wants me to buy for another $40 … and I'm not that happy about this, but what's Ambookgeek gonna do about it now so …).

Anyway, we got to LAX with no problem and the airport was PACKED!!!  Luckily, we always check-in at home and hand carry our luggage so we went to security and then S/O got busted because his freaking bag was too freaking big to fit into the overhead bag checking thingy.  He's been stopped for this infraction before, but has always talked his way into being allowed to take Humongous Bag on the plane.  This time … no go … We had to go back out to the terminal and check Humongous Bag. 

The flight wasn't overly crowded so we had the luxury of sitting in an exit row with a seat between us.  Everyone got on board, the agents closed the door, then we waited … and waited … and waited … and waited … Our departure time came and went.  Apparently, there were so many people flying that the crews weren't able to get all of the bags loaded on the plane in time.  We finally got going about 40 minutes late.  Most of the flight was uneventful and rather pleasant.  Once we got into the NYC area, the video system started showing us where the plane was in relation to NYC and the pilots had everyone "prepare for landing" then we circled … and circled … and circled … and circled …  We could see the little computer generated cartoon plane of ours circling around NY waiting for our turn to land for a good … 40 minutes …  Finally, we got our chance to land … Yay! … Then we taxied … and taxied … and taxied … and taxied … all the way past the Delta terminal … Apparently, air traffic was so heavy that all of the Delta gates were full so there was no room at the inn … Since they didn't want the extra planes clogging up the taxiways they sent us out to the boon docks (along with what looked like about 10 other huge planes) to wait for other planes to push back and leave.  We waited there on the tarmac for about … 40 minutes!  We finally got to get off of the plane (thankfully because by then I really had to pee) and we went to baggage claim to get Humongous Bag.  In baggage claim we waited … and waited … and waited … and waited … until finally Humongous Bag came around on the baggage claim belt … about 40 minutes later!!! 

It was after midnight by the time we got in to our place in Brooklyn.  NYC was HUMID and HOT even at that hour so we had to leave the windows open.  Between the jet lag (3 hour difference from L.A, but 6 hours from Hawai'i 5 days before that), the hot and humid weather, and the traffic passing in front of our building, neither of us got much sleep. Yesterday, our main task was to go out and buy an AC unit for our bedroom.  We bought an 8000 btu unit, carried it back on the subway and stuck it in the window without too much fuss.  It worked like a charm and last night I slept like a baby! 


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