spam, glorious spam …

No … Not the e-mail kind.

For my last breakfast in Hawai'i before heading back home to L.A. I decided that I needed to have the veritable Spam Platter from McDonald's (only available in Hawai'i … I believe).  That's right … the Spam Platter from McDonald's.  I know that for many of you who did not grow up in the islands, the concept of eating fried Spam with two eggs and a scoop of sticky white rice is rather repuslive.  Well … I'm sad for you if you feel that way.  I LOVE Spam! (the kind made from a variety of scary and random pig parts, not the e-mail kind …)  It is the food of my youth and it is one of those "comfort foods" for which there will always be a special place in my heart (right next to one of my hardened and clogged arteries …).  It was filling.  It was greasy.  It as loaded with carbs.  It was only $3.49.  And it was delicious!!!   It came with a little packet of Aloha Shoyu and packets of Heinz ketchup. 

Sitting down with my Spam Platter took me back to the days of my youth … For a few minutes I got to be the fat, happy 12-year-old kid enjoying my special treat of a breakfast at McDonald's.  I have to say, I think that eating a Spam breakfast at McDonald's may well become part of my end-of-vacation-leaving-Hawai'i-rituals.  I guess that there are worse things that I could be doing, huh???

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