on life goals …

This summer I've become addicted to the Live with Regis and Kelly show.  Kelly Ripa is HILARIOUS!!!  The best part is the Host Chat Segment that you can watch here daily in case you've never seen the show.

Anyway, Scooter Kitty posted recently that one of her new goals in life is to take a motor bike road trip someplace.  Well, this morning while watching Live with Regis and Kelly (with guest host Mario Lopez) I realized that my current life goal is to be the audience member that gets to display their best 60s vintage go-go dance moves behind a screen in the introduction to the Super Sun Blast Trivia a Glo-go Segment

But then, is that sad?

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One thought on “on life goals …

  1. You HAVE to do this! I will be in the audience supporting you! That is an excellent goal! One of my mom's goals is to be on the price is right but now that Bob Barker is gone..well who knows.

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