on mrs. swan and dirty mouths …

Just back from the dentist.  I LOVE getting my teeth cleaned every six months!  Your teeth just feel so spic and span after they've been professionally scraped, cleaned, polished and flossed! 

I've been with the same dentist for about fifteen years now.  J. was a really good buddy since our high school years and when he finished dental school and opened his practice I switched over to him to help him out.  I definitely have gotten the better part of the deal after all these years, though, as he has always taken really great care of me.  He once even opened his office to take care of a toothache that I got suddenly late one evening.  His practice has grown to the point, now, where he he has a pretty large staff which includes his wife who is a trained hygienist.

I absolutely love the hygienist who usually does the majority of my cleaning.  She's hilarious.  For some odd reason, she reminds me of the Mrs. Swann character from Mad TV.

  Although she doesn't look like Mrs. Swan, she does have a Japanese accent and as she is doing my cleaning she has a way of saying, "Open" … "Close" … "Open" … "Close" … that has a way of making me break into laughing fits.  She's also very cool in that she lets me use a hand mirror to watch what she's doing with the cleaning [what can I say … I'm curious about such things] without making me feel like the weirdo that I know I am. 

Just so you know, I got VERY HIGH marks for the cleanliness of teeth (very little plaque)–no cavities, but I got reprimanded (again) for brushing too hard.  J. has tried to get me to ease up on my brushing pressure since the very beginning, but it is a habit that I have never been able to break.  Unfortunately, my teeth are beginning to show signs that my vigorous brushing is wearing away the enamel on my teeth so I REALLY have to do something.  Mrs. Swan gave me an extra soft toothbrush to use and wants me to try brushing with my left hand holding the brush with just two fingers so that I'll brush with much less pressure. 

I know it is about time … It's a habit that I'm gonna break this time around!!!

Once again … I LOVE going to the dentist … And getting my haircut … Is that strange?

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