phoning it in …

S/O took me cell phone shopping today.  I've only ever owned one cell phone.  I got it six years ago when I first moved to L.A. and cell phone and I have lived faithfully together ever since.  S/O, however, is convinced that my cell phone/partner is going to kick the bucket (apparently cell phone years are like dog years and a six year old cell phone is akin to being a centenarian or something) any day now and I'll be highly sad to lose all of my contacts and phone numbers.  S/O wants me to pick up a phone that'll allow me to back up my contacts and numbers which, apparently, my lil' ole rerliable Nokia won't let me do.  After looking at phones, I have to admit that having a camera in my cell phone to document the little things that I might want to write about here might be nice.  Prices for phones that I can use were pretty high so we decided to wait on it and look for a phone in either L.A. or N.Y.C when we're there. 

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3 thoughts on “phoning it in …

  1. Ah! I am in the same boat. My cell phone is 5 years old. I am waiting for it to die. But now that you talk about this whole backing up contact info, I am rethinking it. I should just bite the bullet too but alas, I am lazy and I kind of like the novelty of having a 5 year old phone.

  2. I was kind of opposed to all this cool new technology too because my other phone still worked! What would I use a camera phone for especially when I already had a perfectly good camera? I gotta admit that my new phone is pretty cool and does some pretty fun things. I STILL don't use my camera on the phone but my kids do and if I ever need to "blackmail" someone, at least I'd have a handy LITTLE camera that could go undetected! lol

  3. I know what you mean about liking the novelty of an old cell phone. The people at the ATT store all went, "Wow! I haven't seen one of those in years …" When I pulled it out of my pocket.

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