on writer’s block …

I haven't posted in a few days because I haven't had anything interesting to say at all.  Today, I went to the gym and did a half-baked workout, then came home and did virtually nothing all day except watch ESPN News, Saved! on the Oh! Network, and surf online until I reached the end of the Internet where I read a lot of crazy crap and learned very little to nothing of any value. 

By the way, have you really WATCHED ESPN news?  It's a lot of nothing and it absolutely is a broadcast inflicted with ADD!!!  Lebron at the ESPY Awards … NASCAR … back to Lebron … golf … Barry Bonds … NASCAR … Lebron … the final third of the NASCAR story we started earlier … WTF????  Do one freaking story then move on to the next … No wonder boys can't follow directions in class if you give them more than one at a time you're making boys stupid!  … and don't even get me started about the cliches that athletes use … geez …

I'm really grumpy (I think from doing nothing and feeling cooped up all day). 

I also discovered that I seem to have lost my combination lock.  I know that, that doesn't seem like a big deal (I replaced with with one on sale for $3.25) but it is a big deal to me because I am so bad with numbers that memorizing a combination to a lock is a HUGE undertaking for me.  S/O has a lock that S/O graciously offered to give to me since it has an easy to remember combination, but it won't do because it is black.  When one is geographically AND numerically impaired as I seem to be, it is very hard to remember the locker number or location of the locker you put your things in, in the men's locker room so one of those Master locks that are red or (in the case of my lost one) green really are a big help.  I know you are thinking that this is really much ado about nothing, but envision me going into the shower and returning to the locker area with nothing but a towel on and having to go down and try the combinations of hundreds of locks–since the lock will be new, I won't be positive that the combination that I'm trying is correct so … Do you get the picture?  Also … guys usually aren't too thrilled when there's another guy wearing only a towel attempting to open all of the lockers in the locker room.  It's bad PR in a general sense …

Mercifully, it is time for me to go to sleep for today …

On the upside, I got a double cheese burger and two apples pies from McDonald's for $2.09.  (Did you know that the poor people in Hawai'i get ripped off and the McDonald's stores in Hawai'i charge $0.99 for any size soft drink while it is $0.69 on the Mainland?   WTF???).  Unfortunately, I ate a double cheese burger and two apple pies from McDonald's about ten minutes ago so I'm gonna have to go to the gym in the morning AND go to swim practice tomorrow evening.  I eat like a freaking dog and my body stores fat around my midsection like a freaking Homer Price doughnut making machine!  Curse you, adipose tissue!!!  Curse you!!!

Finally, I just found out about the Antonio Villaraigosa sex scandal thing.  Wow!  Apparently there's some Senator guy (Vitter?) [I know I could easily find out who it is but I'm grumpy and lazy so STFU] who used the services of a Madame in D.C. and some other member of Congress (Bob Allen from Florida?) who has been charged with offering an undercover police officer $20 for the chance to do something nasty with him.  All I can say is, boy, politics must be a big aphrodisiac!  None of these guys seem to be able to keep Mr. Happy in the shed!!!

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