moody, moody, moody …

I'm a moody person and I hate it.  I hate feeling grumpy and snappy and I hate the person that I become when I'm feeling blue.  I tend to avoid seeing or contacting my friends when I'm feeling out of sorts so the people that are most important to me end up dealing with me at my worst.  The weird thing is that I've never been able to figure out what it is that makes me get into "a mood."  Objectively, I don't have anything that I should be depressed about, but that intellectual understanding of my life doesn't seem to keep the emotional feeling of blueness at bay.  Intellectually knowing that I'm grumpy also does little to help me find my way out of the blue fog.  I can't just say, "choose to be happy" and be fixed … believe me, I've tried and I've read MORE than my share of self-help and positive mental attitude literature in my time!  I just want this crappy feeling to go away …  

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One thought on “moody, moody, moody …

  1. Well, this was a very well spoken description of what it means to be grumpy or moody. I know what you mean, that you can't just DECIDE for it to go away and then you feel great! I think maybe we all feel like this from time to time. I'm moody when something is eating at the back of my mind, something looming that I can't always identify on the spot. It usually becomes clear what's looming and then it seems like it's easier to make the crankyness go away.
    I hope you see the sunshine sooner than later:)

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