just finished … and a sexist theory on girl books …

An Abundance of Katherines–John Green

Colin is a child prodigy (but not a genius … you'll have to read the book to find out what difference between the two), who desperately wants his childhood prodigy-ness to amount to something before he becomes like everyone else in life and gets lost in the pack.  Poor Colin, however, is distracted by the fact that he is unlucky in love.  He's had no less than 19 girlfriends and, amazingly, every single one of them has been named Katherine and every single one of them has dumped poor Colin!  In order to get over his most recent dumping by Katherine XIX (who also happened to be Katherine I), Colin decides to take off on a road trip with his best friend, Hassan.  Like many of the other YA reads I've taken on this summer, An Abundance of Katherines is very well written, but just didn't excite me. 

I've been in a bit of a YA reading funk, and I think that the issue may be that the current crop of well reviewed and recommended YA books for this year are most definately "girl" books (disclaimer: this next statement is really sexist …).  I have this theory that girl books are books about characters that goes on this internal journey and in the end comes out a changed people.  In girl books, the protagonist can be either a girl or a boy–makes no difference.  Boy books are just about stuff that happens (some character goes off and does something like, I don't know, hunt for a big shark or something …).  Occaisionally, characters in boy books change in some way, but that's not the main thrust of the story telling.  Anyway … does this make sense?  I think I'm a boy reader.  I really don't care that all much about a character's feelings.  Just tell me what happens.  I suppose that, that makes boy books un "good literature" but that's what I like.  I don't know what else to say about it. 

Anyway, An Abundance of Katherines is about a boy, but it is a girl book.  It was fine, but not my cup 'o tea.  Do real men drink tea?  

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