flushing with ms o …

Oprah, that is …  I know that you've heard more than enough about this freaking sinus infection of mine, but I have to say, having this experience has really enlightened me to the power of Ms Oprah and her empire.  No less than three different people (all friends/family who I generally respect as "not crackpots") upon hearing about my sinus woes have told me that I should try that "sinus washing" thing that some doctor deomonstrated on Oprah.  As I've done further research, I've come to find out that they're talking about a Neti Pot which is like a teapot that you use to pour saline solution into your nostril un the water (literally) runs out of your other nostril.  I know … WTF … right?  Apparently, this is NOT a skit from Saturday Night Live or Mad TV … this is a real procedure.  I'm thinking about it, but … the ick factor is pretty high.  Take a look and tell me what you think …

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