sicko part deux …

Okay, so you know how I've said that I'm NOT a good sick person?  Well … I'm not … and things don't seem to go well for me when I'm sick … My little summer cold seems to have mutated into a summer beast of a cold.  My nose hasn't been running at all, but my sinuses feel incredibly clogged and I've been getting terrible sinus headaches.  Last night, my ear started to ache so S/O insisted that I look into seeing a doctor today.  I called our insurance benefits administrator and she okay-ed a visit to an out patient clinic in town.  After driving to the out patient clinic, I found out that they do not take walk ins (Why it didn't occur to me to call and ask about this before driving there, I'll never know …) so I came home and began calling doctors on our health plan's list of participating physicians.  You know, even with a great health care plan, it can sometimes be hard to find access to medical care.  I must have called about 15 different doctors on the list and none could see me!  I ended up driving down to a walk-in clinic that required no appointment.  Unfortunately, it was about 11:30am and the nurses informed me that the doctor had just driven off and there wouldn't be another physician available until 2:00pm!!! The nurse, though, very kindly recommended another clinic down the street and even called them to be sure that someone was available.  To make a very long story short, the nurse-practitioner who saw me ended up prescribing me an antibiotic and an nasal spray to clear up what has turned into a sinus infection.  It is really interesting that even with my insurance coverage (which, IMHO, is better than most people's) it can really be hard to find a doctor who will see you when you are away from home!  I can only imagine how tough it is for people without insurance.  I had the luxury to be able to pay for the care I needed out of pocket and worry about how much of it will get covered later, but that certainly isn't a luxury that every American has and that just doesn't seem right to me!!!

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