being served is weird …

As a kid, I always wished that I could have a housekeeper like Alice on the Brady Bunch do my cleaning for me.  In real life, however, it isn't nearly as cool feeling as I would have thought.

Our tenants in Hawaii hire a woman to come in to help with some general cleaning once a month.  I've never had someone clean for me, so as I sat watching tv while this woman cleaned the house around me weirded me out a bit.

My mom didn't believe in hiring cleaning help.  I mean, think about it from my mom's point of view, "Why should you have to pay someone to clean your house when you have three able bodied children sitting around doing nothing else particularly compelling or useful?"  Therefore, we grew up cleaning our own rooms, cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning windows and screens, vacuuming, and sweeping and mopping the floor in the kitchen, etc. each week or as needed.  Of course we did  EVERYTHING we could think of to get out of doing our chores, but my mom was relentless.  As a kid, I was CERTAIN that when I no longer lived under mom's roof I'd dispense with the culture of cleaning and let my inner pig manifest itself in my world.  As in many other places in my life, it turns out, mom must have known what she was doing because I still feel the necessity to clean my house with some regularity.  I'm not as obsessive-compulsive as some, but I'm a pretty regular cleaner.  In a strange way, I find it immensely satisfying when my toilet is spic and span!!!

Anyway, I don't know where I'm going with this.  I'm just saying that it feels really weird to have someone else clean your house for you.  She did a MAGNIFICENT job, but I can't see it being a regular thing that I'd do.

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One thought on “being served is weird …

  1. I agree–I hate even being in a hotel room when room service arrives! I'm horrible at small talk, but just sitting there silent makes me feel like I'm exuding the aura of being too good to speak to him/her. And I hate that even more. So I try to be as absent as possible when the maid arrives.

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