the prez is taking care of business …

With regard to the Plame controversy, in a February 11, 2004 quote to CNN, the President stated, "If the person has violated law, that person will be taken care of."  Well, the President is surely a man of his word.  Scooter (I don't know, but I might guess that the President calls him "Scootie") has been taken care of and his sentence sentence has been commuted.  I know that the hair splitters out there will say that the quote was in direct regard to leaking Plame's name as opposed to Scootie's crime of obstruction of justice, but isn't the law … THE LAW?  I guess not if you break it in service of "the good guys" as defined by my President.  So sad, so very sad …  Even sadder, 40% of respondents to a poll on AOL said that they thought that, commuting Scootie's sentence was fair.  Just goes to show how successful the President has been at dividing the country … and … how stupid a lot of Americans choose to be.  Again, I don't know for sure, but I strongly suspect that a decent number of those 40%ers probably believe that Saddam's Iraq were responsible for the attacks of 9/11 (about a week ago, I saw the results of a CNN poll that found that 37% of those polled believed that Saddam and Iraq were responsible for the attacks on 9/11).  I want to believe in the American justice system (and ultimately, I really do believe that it ultimately works most of the time) but … the thing with Paris … the thing with Scootie … it just sure is tough sometimes …

Update:  This is a really nice history lesson from the Talking Points Memo Blog.

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2 thoughts on “the prez is taking care of business …

  1. I have to tell you the most important thing I learned from statistics: You can never, ever, ever trust a survey in which the participants are self-selected. You will always get skewed statistics, because people who choose to take online or write-in surveys may tend to be more biased than others. So, you can relax a bit; the fact that 40% of AOL users believe something is by no means representative of the US population. At least I hope it's not. God, please tell me it's not. Am I going to have to move to Canada?

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