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Pete Hautman

Pete Hautman—Rash

Bo Marsten is one of those "bad boys" that you find in school!  It is the late twenty-first century and Bo lives in the USSA (the United Safer States of America).  One day, an altercation with his nemesis in school leads to Bo getting accused of causing a red rash that begins to plague his entire school.  As a result, much like his father and older brother, Bo gets sentenced to serve time in one of the USSA's justice system of privately run penal factories in the Canadian tundra.  Bo is sentenced to serve is time in a McDonald's pizza making factory where he finds life a bore. That is, until, Bo is recruited to join the factory's highly illegal tackle football team.  While not quite up to the high bar set by Hautman's earlier books, Invisible and Godless, Rash still proves to be a fast moving and highly engaging read!

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