on great days, and the clueless in congress …

Today was a great day!  We met up with one of significant other's friends, M., for breakfast.  S/O met M. at the Hawaii State Hospital–the State facility where patients in need of psychiatric care are admitted almost twenty years ago.  At the time, S/O was doing a counseling internship and S/O and M. have remained friends ever since.  M. is a wonderful person.  He deals with schizophrenia and manic depression, but is truly a great person through and through.  We took him to breakfast, then took him to purchase some flowers that he wanted to place on the graves of his mother and grandparents.  M.'s mother died when he was very young and when he encountered the onset of his schizophrenia during his early twenties, his father was unable to deal with M.'s challenges and cut off all contact with M.  M. ended up homeless and living under a bridge near Waikiki.  After getting to know him over the past few years, I've come to realize that one of M.'s real gifts is the instinct/intuition to find good people to bring into his life.  While homeless, M. met a German immigrant who ended up taking him into his home and giving M. a stable place to live.  This wonderful person has allowed M. to live in his home for years and makes sure that M. continues to take the medication needed for M. to remain stable (and no, I really don't think that there is anything "iffy" about their relationship … just in case you're wondering … I know I did at first …).  M. also knows waitresses and store clerks ALL OVER HONOLULU who greet him warmly wherever we go and treat him with all the dignity that every person deserves.  After our excursion to the memorial park, we dropped M. off at one of the State buildings where he works in a in a jobs program doing mailings for the State.  Whenever I spend time with M. I come away with our time together with a feeling that in spite of all of my cynicism about the world, there truly are more GOOD people out there than ASSHATS.  You never hear about the German immigrant who takes in a homeless schizophrenic guy out of the goodness of his heart on CNN or Fox News, but if there's one guy, I know that there must be others.  It makes me feel hopeful about the human race.  It also renews my faith that there truly are Government programs that do a lot of good.  M's host now gets a stipend from the State to help with his housing (I know for a fact that his host go no financial support for years) and M. finds working in his jobs program rewarding and meaningful.  I'll gladly continue to pay my tax dollars to support programs like the one's taking care of M. and the many thousands of others out there.  It's only right!

Now, I would be Ambookgeek if I left you feeling too good about our government … so … I read that Congress has been holding hearings to explore ways that NFL retirees can get better health care and retirement benefits.  Now, I'm certain that there are ex-NFL players out there who are truly in need of help for a variety of reasons, but COME ON YOU BUNCH OF CONGRESSIONAL ASSHATS!!!  There are 40 million hard working Americans with NO HEALTH care so forgive me if I have some trouble feeling good about your concern for ex-football players who made a HELL OF A LOT more money than the average American during their playing days.  If they had invested wisely, driven Toyota Camrys, shopped at Target, and saved some freaking money, they could be set for LIFE!!!  You're just a bunch of stupid ASSHATS!  REALLY!!!  Get to freaking work and stop wasting my freaking tax money!!!

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